At Discovery’s Last Launch

When we first moved to Central Florida, we were constantly amazed by all of the new opportunities that surrounded us. Disney World! The beach! Ethnic restaurants! The novelty of it all was fantastic.

Of course, it didn’t take long for school and work and everyday life to overshadow newness. Routines have the same hypnotic power in any zip code.

But now we’re leaving.

As the clock ticks down to June 1st, we’re suddenly more aware that our time with this place is winding down. We’ll be back, but we may not be back to stay. We have purposely left the future after our year around the U.S. open.

What we know for certain is that we’re here now.

Jared has begun to work through his List of Things He Always Meant to Do in Central Florida. He went to a hockey game with our friend Patrick recently. He’s planning a trip to Bike Week in Daytona Beach next month. And yesterday, for the first time, we drove to the coast to watch a shuttle launch.

It was the last launch for the shuttle Discovery.

They say there are a couple more launches scheduled for this spring, the final missions for two other shuttles. But then again, this final mission of Discovery was supposed to happen months ago. Launches can be scrapped for any number of reasons, including the fickleness of Mother Nature. Yesterday’s flight was questionable up until the final seconds of the countdown. Nothing is guaranteed in the space program.

But yesterday there was lift off.

And we were there.

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