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dd091f57efa1d7b894558a2104753aa5As a writer, I hate it when people tell me what they’re going to tell me before they just freaking tell me already.  But when a blog with over 1600 subscribers and a five year history is suddenly completely and totally different from what it was before, a little “tell what tell” might be in order.

So, hi.  Welcome.  If you’re reading this in a feed reader, you’re going to want to visit the actual blog and checkout the new design.  It’s a little less “personal blog” and a little more “blog about personal growth”.

It took me about six months to accept that.

The term personal growth makes me shudder.  It makes most people shudder, even those of us who have a secret stash of self help books under our bed.  It’s vague and ambiguous and filled with shit that does not work.  It reeks of snake oil and empty promises made to people who are wrestling with a nagging hole inside of themselves that they can’t exactly identify.

I know that nagging hole.

I know that desperate need to name it in the hopes that doing so will help us fill it.

It’s the hole that drives us to seek out relationships, drugs, religion and success.  It’s the hole that makes us question why we are so needy, selfish, ungrateful and different from everyone else around us.

Why, we wonder, can’t we just be happy?

I’m here to tell you that we can.  This blog is all about figuring out exactly how.

Specifically, you can expect to read more about how to figure out what the hell your passion is and how to follow it once you find it.  You can also expect to read about me pursuing my own happiness.  I don’t think that is a journey that ever ends and mine seems to be constantly changing.

If that sounds like buzzword mumbo jumbo to you, let me try to be a little more specific.  The posts on this blog will fall into one of five categories:

  • Growth – this is the work we do in our own heads.  It’s about how we think and why it matters.
  • Logistics – this is the stuff we have to do to reach our goals. Less talking, more walking.
  • Relationships – because all of that counseling should count for something. And also because it’s pretty damn hard to be happy if you can’t get along with friends and family.
  • My Pursuit – this is where I talk about my own journey, including the process of selling our belongings so that we can travel full time as a family.
  • Inspirations – committing to happiness can make you feel like a freak.  A selfish freak.  It’s nice to be reminded that you aren’t alone and that you’re efforts will not be in vain.

Check out the newly updated About page for a more robust description of what I’ll be writing about here.  My goal is to post three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I have to admit, this entire transition scares the hell out of me.  I’ve resisted making this change because I’m afraid of disappointing people.  I’m afraid of losing readers and making a public fool of myself. I’m afraid of the inevitable criticism and the horrific things that are not inevitable but seem very, very real in my imagination.

I am, like everyone else, afraid of change and the unknown it represents.

But this is something I’m passionate about.  And that, I believe, is the key to happiness.

This blog is officially back open for business.

I hope that you’ll be open to happiness.

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