The Value Of A Big Fat Goal

Today I got a lesson in goal setting.

Specifically?  How doing it helps you to not freak the fuck out when you realize your income will be cut in half in less than a month.

So, we’ve got this big fat goal.  Needless to say, taking a really long “vacation” requires some cash.  Not near as much as you’d probably think, and less than it would cost us to stay not-vacationing here, but sill… cash.  Gas, groceries, and Internet fees are not free even if you’re kind of a big deal on the Internet.

(Actually, now that I think of it, maybe all of those things would be free if I was a really big deal on the Internet. Shit.)


Big fat goal is dependent in large part on money, including the money we’ll be earning between now and June. So, when I realized this morning that half of my monthly income was basically disappearing beginning next month, I kind of had a panic attack.

Where kind of means writing PANIC ATTACK in all caps on Twitter.

And calling your mother, who did not answer her phone.

And calling your husband, who also did not answer his phone.

And calling your husband again, because seriously, Jared? I COULD BE DEAD! WHAT IF I WAS DEAD AND YOU WEREN’T ANSWERING THE PHONE??? Then you’d feel bad.

And realizing that, thanks to certain balls you have already started rolling, not getting to go on your Big Trip is not even the worst thing that could happen.  Even worst would be being actually homeless and unemployed and now calling what you’re thinking of doing “homeless” doesn’t sound so cute, does it? No.  No it does not.

In other words, we’re basically all in on this whole extended travel idea and I was pretty sure this morning that we were about to bust.  Or the dealer had an ace.  Or the other guy was holding a flush and our piddly pair was no good.  Whichever gambling metaphor translates to: Oh. Shit.

None of this suggests that I did not, in fact, freak the fuck out.

But Jared – once he realized he had several missed calls and checked to make sure I was not, in fact, dead – did not freak out.  Not even a little.

He reminded me that the most important thing in the world to us is to live in an RV so we could go where we want when we wanted.

The rest is extra.  It’s amazing how easy it is to start chucking things you’d never consider living without once you realize that they are nothing compared to the Big Fat Goal.  It’s amazing how going without doesn’t really even feel like sacrifice when it means getting to have the Big Fat Goal.

And all of those things you were terrified to do before?  The pitches you didn’t send, the chances you didn’t take, the dozens of little things you didn’t do for fear of looking stupid (or out of simple laziness)… even looking stupid can be made smaller than a Big Fat Goal.

So, we took a look at what else we could live without over the next 6 months.  We found a few more ways to cut our already trim budget.  We found a few rocks we could look under and cushions we could dig between and we, or rather Jared, figured out that we would be fine.  Because, if nothing else, we still had The Big Fat Goal.

And the only thing better than a Big Fat Goal is having someone with whom to share it.

Do you have a Big Fat Goal?

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