6 Blogs That Will Make Your Life Better

There is a lot of stuff on the Internet.

Some of it’s funny, some of it is smart, and some of it just sucks you in for no good reason other than HAMSTERS DANCING ARE ALWAYS FUNNY! REPEAT!

But occasionally, something on the Internet actually makes life offline better.  And if you’re really, really lucky, you stumble upon something that makes you better.  These blogs, I believe, can actually change the way you see the world, how you think, and who you are.

6 Blogs That Will Make Your Life Better

1. Hole In The Donut by Barbara Weibel

Photo by Barbara Ann Weibel, from her recent trek through Nepal in search of a rhino.  Yeah.  Barbara was hugely successful in a former life.  She made a lot of money, owned a lot of property, and seemed to be living the American dream.  The only problem was that she hated it.  So she quit.  She decided to travel and write and take pictures and come hell or high water, she’d figure out a way to afford it all.  Now she travels the world sleeping in the cheapest places she can find.  She’s currently on a 6 month solo trip through Asia.  Oh – and she’s in her 50s.  Reading this blog will make you be more brave and dream bigger.

2. Native Born by Faiqa

OK, yes, she is one of my very best friends and so I may be biased.  But I honestly believe that the world would be a better place if everyone could sit down and have a conversation or two with this woman.  She writes on her blog about her perspective as an American Muslim who was born and raised in this country to parents who were born and raised in Pakistan.  Her husband, who was born in India and grew up in Saudi Arabia, recently became a US citizen.  She has the unique opportunity to see the world from multiple angles, and she shares much of that with the readers on her blog.  Reading this blog will make you smarter and more compassionate.

3. Morningside Mom by Caroline Jorgenson

At first glance, this site may appear to be “just another mommy blog”.  And,  yes, she talks about her children and that’s great and all – but once in a while she lets her passion for good citizenship out onto the page, and that is where you’ll find real magic.  Caroline spent much of her childhood in Africa and her appreciation for our common humanity is obvious.  She is smart, passionate, but still level-headed – a balance I continually fail to achieve.  Reading this blog will make you want to vote and volunteer.

4. Chookooloonks by Karen Walrond

Yes, I know, I’ve talked about Karen a lot recently.  But she has probably been the single most influential person in my life over the last 3 months – which is pretty powerful considering I’ve only ever met her once. What she is doing with her “Beauty of Different” book and message is, I believe, of critical importance.  Reading this blog will make you love yourself, finally.

5. Motherhood in NYC by Marinka

I read a handful of humor blogs, and this is my favorite.  What I love about Marinka is that she is funny and smart.  She avoids controversy for the sake of controversy, but manages to sneak in a bit of wisdom with her dry wit.  You’ll walk away going – wait a minute? Did I just get a lecture about common sense while I was laughing at her?  If Tina Fey had a blog, it would be this.  Reading this blog will make you laugh and think, usually at the same time.

6. Man vs. Debt by Adam Baker

The premise of this blog is simple: Adam and his wife are working to get rid of all of their debt while also living a life of purpose.  OK, maybe that doesn’t sound all that simple, but it’s a real, day-to-day look at the process of selling everything you own and following your passions on a regular basis.  Reading this blog will change how you look at stuff and money.

What blogs make your life better – and how?

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