Miss Britt Soup – the moving on out edition

I know that you would follow every word I said if you could, but time is limited in your busy life.  It’s not easy to be everywhere I am all. the. time.  I know.

Lucky for you, I have once again gathered the highlights of awesome things I have said that you might have missed in one place.

A piping hot bowl of:


In blogging:

In pictures:


I have no idea who this girl is, but I was fascinated by the way her pink hair looked poking out from under her blue swimsuit cap. I ended up with this shot of a total stranger, and I love it.

On twitter:



For those of you who avoid getting on Twitter, you are clearly missing out on some seriously life affirming interactions.

On Facebook:


Yeah, so our house is for sale, which is apparently news.

On the side:

What did I miss in your world this week?

(That is actually NOT a rhetorical question.)

The idea for this post is blatantly stolen from Jenny and Joel. Yes, Jenny and I are on a first name basis.

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