And This Comes Next

A Window Seat

Jared and I are talking about moving.”

That’s how it started.  A little over three years ago.  And then it was “Jared and I are thinking about moving to Orlando.”

Within weeks, days it seemed, we were selling and buying and packing and moving.

One day we were talking about it, the next day we were telling people we were talking about it, and the next we were kissing our loved ones goodbye.

It was the same with traveling.  And writing, and having another baby, and not having any more babies.

It was as if the next thing just woke up, stretched, and was suddenly in front of us saying, “OK, it’s time now.”  It sat up and was clearly recognizable from the what would you do if you won the lottery dreams and the we’ll retire on a beach somewhere talks.  One day it just goes from idle chit chat to this thing that we’re going to do.  This very practical, reasonable, easy to figure out next thing.

Jared and I are talking about taking a year off to travel.

I’m watching this next thing take shape in my head and I’m in awe.  I’m watching it sit up and yawn and stretch and look at us like, “well, you ready now?” It is unimpressed by itself, as if it’s just been waiting for its time, knowing it would come before we even knew what it was.

The pieces falling into place.

The questions that have obvious answers.

The means and the ways and the things that simply must be figured out, no big deal.

It seems, almost, like packing up your family of four and exploring the world for a year is just the most perfectly normal thing in the world.

I can feel how familiar the air is.  The winds are moving in the exact same way that they did three years ago.

They just… are.

It just… is.

Jared and I are talking about taking a year off to travel.

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