What I don’t like about the Camaro

It’s expected that I would rave about the Camaro online.  When someone gives you a brand new car to drive for a month along with a couple of Visa gift cards and the promise of a massage in the near future – well, you say nice things about them on the Internet.

What you don’t have to listen to constantly see is how much I rave about the Camaro offline.  Unless you’re stalking me or are one of the people who has ridden in the car with me.  Because I might not bring up the car in casual conversation, but I can’t help but gush about all of the fancy things it can do while I’m actually in the driver’s seat.

“Oh, hang on, let me turn down the stereo USING THE CONTROLS ON MY STEERING WHEEL so that I can hear you better.”

“What’s that?  Oh, yes, I did just start my car while I was walking towards it mainly just because I CAN.”

“No, I don’t actually know where that is, but that’s fine because… hold on a second…. yes?  OnStar?”

Yes, I am exactly that fun to drive around with.  So far no one has complained, mainly, I suspect, because if they are hearing my gushing it means they are getting to ride in my sweet, sweet car.

Recently, someone asked me a question that made me stop mid-gush.

“Just between you and me… is there anything you don’t like about the Camaro?”

I had to stop and think about this for a minute.  Not because I was afraid to say anything negative, but because in all my gushing I actually hadn’t noticed anything negative about the Camaro.  And that?  Well, that’s not practical.  If we’re being real with one another, there’s no way a $30,000 car (roughly) is perfect.

So I spent the next few days trying to look for things I don’t like about the Camaro.  Here’s what I’ve come up with…

I wish the bluetooth could read. OK, that sounds ridiculous, but I had a portable bluetooth for my car that could, actually, read the names in my phonebook and respond to my voice prompts.  The bluetooth in the Camaro will respond when I say “call” and then “Jared” by calling my husband, but I had to train it specifically to link “Jared” with Jared’s cell phone number.  I did the same thing for “mom” and my mom’s cell phone number.  And then I decided that was enough work and now I never call anyone else from the car.

I can, technically, use voice prompts and the bluetooth to call numbers that have not been programmed into the bluetooth system.  All I have to do is dictate the phone number I want called.  But I have a cell phone, which means I don’t know what anyone’s phone number is anymore because the cell phone knows it and I don’t have to.

I wish OnStar downloaded maps with their instructions. I have been using OnStar a lot since getting the Camaro.  (I may or may not have gotten a subtle reminder about how many miles we have to “play with” after mentioning just how much I’ve been using OnStar.  Because really – a lot.)  I love being able to talk to a real person and not having to know the exact address of the place you’re going and having the instructions downloaded to your car in seconds.  I love that I get turn-by-turn instructions given to me over the car speakers and on the radio (and on my driver console if I want).  I do not love that there is no actual map.  While displaying an arrow, street name, and approximate miles or yards until the next turn, showing an actual map of the immediate area would be more helpful.  I’ve had to make a few last minute lane changes or totally safe U-turns because I wasn’t exactly sure where the turn was.  Plus it just kind of freaks me out not knowing what I’m heading into, just trusting the computer to tell me what to do.  It also doesn’t give me an update on how far I have left to go to reach my destination, although it gives me an estimate at the beginning of the route.

This leaves me torn on whether or not I would pay for the OnStar subscription if I had the option after my free year.  When I go to purchase a new car, I’m not sure if I’ll be looking for OnStar, an on-board navigation system, or just stick with my portable GPS device.  Perhaps I’d get more comfortable without a map after using OnStar for a while (because apparently there was once a time when people didn’t even have digital maps in their cars.  CRAZINESS!)

And.. and… and…

I am trying to decide if the noise (because holy COW it is loud when you accelerate) belongs in the plus or minus column.  When I’m alone, I love the noise.  Vroom, vroom, baby.  But when I have a friend in the car and we’re trying to have a conversation, the noise can almost be hard to talk over until I’ve finished accelerating.  Maybe sports cars just aren’t the best place for intimate conversations.

That’s all I can come up with right now.  Would those things prevent me from buying a Camaro (or weeping when I have to give this one back)?  No.  I’d have to think long and hard about extending the OnStar service after the free year, and I’d have to actually take the time to program more numbers into the bluetooth, but those minor inconveniences wouldn’t affect my purchasing decision.

I’m curious if anyone else has found anything they don’t like about the Camaro…

(Reminder, you can GO AND VOTE FOR ME IF YOU LIVE IN FLORIDA – and there’s something in it for you maybe if you do.  Also, this makes me realize that I would have introduced myself to my neighbors, because HOLY CRAP I KNOW NO ONE IN FLORIDA.  Dang it.)

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