Mine is Good, But Hers is Better

I have good news.

Jared is getting a vasectomy this week!!

Oh, I kid.  I mean, he is and it is good news to me, but he, apparently, is not quite ready to throw a party about it.  In fact, he “can’t believe you are making light of this, Britt.”

Boys and their wee-wees.*

But seriously, my good news:

What that means, for those of you that don’t blog, is that something I wrote was chosen out of over 1,000 submissions to be one of 90 pieces that will be featured and honored at a gala in New York City during the upcoming BlogHer 10 conference.

You know it’s a big deal because they use the word gala.

Also, an artist is going to be creating some kind of artwork based on this post that I wrote and that art will be auctioned off to help benefit clean up efforts in the Gulf. I’m excited and nervous to see what she comes up with, because it’s kind of on her to make sure we have something people want to bid on. (But no pressure, Robin!)

But mostly, I’m in freaking awe that I am one of 90 writers.  One of 90, which seems like a big number until you put it next to 1,000.  And not only am I one of 90, but my husband is going to be in New York City at this gala to see my work honored.  Women, I know you get it.  Women who write all these words on the Internet and struggle to make sense of it in words not on the Internet to people you live with?  I know you get it.

My writing is being honored.

And my husband is going to see it firsthand.

That is good news.

And Faiqa’s news is better.

Faiqa, who we all know I love as much as one straight woman can love another straight woman, is one of 15 people who was asked to read something she wrote at the Community Keynote before the gala.

One of 15.

This?  This is huge.  This is the be all to end all for people who do what I do.  And while she didn’t even freaking know how huge it was when she found out and had to have it very carefully explained to her while someone maybe resisted the urge to shake her very hard – I honestly couldn’t be more proud of her.

Yeah, proud.

Happy for her?  Sure, OK.  Insane jealousy may rank just a littttttle bit higher than happy for her.

But proud?  Proud most of all.

Because not only do I know what piece she’s reading (which is a secret I’m not supposed to know! Ha! Rebels we are!) and how much every single one of us should read it, but because I know who she is and how much every single one of us should be blessed with an opportunity to be exposed to a piece of that for a moment.

This woman whose words are being honored even more than my own is my friend.  And the really great news is that who she is will be getting the attention it deserves.

And that’s almost as good as Jared getting a vasectomy.

*I am probably going to be in worse trouble** for the wee-wee comment than the vasectomy humor.

**I am not sure if Faiqa or Jared*** will be more upset for my use of wee-wee/vasectomy humor in this post.

***Anyone want to make side bets?

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