Have you ever thought “this woman should be on a reality TV show”?

Have you ever thought, “this chic should be on reality TV”?

Me too.

The producers of “Project Mom Casting” are looking to create a reality TV show about bloggers.  In order to be considered, bloggers must write a post explaining “their story” OR submit a vlog.

Here’s my story…

I’m trying to do better.

Be better.

A better mother. A better wife. A better daughter, friend, writer, blogger, citizen of the planet.

I want to be madly in love with my husband while stretching and reaching as an individual. I want to be nurturing my children while challenging them to grow into marvelous people.

I want to travel the world and share it with you, inspiring us all to see how much we have in common.

I want to do more while spending less, using less, consuming less – because really, I think the word consuming perfectly describes what we do to the people, places and resources around us these days.

My friend Faiqa described being a car recently as part of a writing exercise, and five words in her piece leaped off the screen at me as the most perfect summary of who I am:

My destiny is to move.

That’s my story. Moving. Stretching. Growing. Reaching.

And sometimes I make a spectacular mess of things in my trying to do better. Sometimes I almost get divorced or go months without speaking to my own mother or piss off total strangers and close friends alike with my misguided attempts to move. But I keep moving anyway, because it’s simply what I do.

And why do I put it on the Internet?

Because I believe that God puts desires in each of us for a reason, reasons we don’t always understand, and he put in me a constant desire to share my constant moving. I don’t know why. Maybe because the world needs a few people who aren’t afraid to make asses of themselves so that people who will not make asses of themselves will know it’s OK to try. Maybe because blondes or chics with funky eyes or abnormally short people will need a leader someday when the machines take over.* I don’t know why I was made to both move and blab about the moving. But I was, so I do, because I think we owe it to ourselves and our Creator and the big giant world we’re part of to do the things we’re made to do, even when – or especially when – we don’t understand why.

I think my grandmother might use the word faith.

So that’s my story.

And this is my video.

If you want me to become a reality TV star, hassle Project Mom Casting on Facebook and Twitter.  Basically, tell them I’m awesome.

*I don’t actually have the attention span for conspiracy theories. Plus I’m not crafty enough to make cute aluminum hats. (Do aluminum hats protect you when the machines attack, or is that just for aliens?)

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