Annnnd, now we’re crying. Awesome.

From Jared via IM this morning:

“I showed your video to Brenda and meika

then they started clicking on your other videos and apparently there is a video of me doing the hoky poky…….”

From me to Jared via IM this morning:


And then I thought, you know, before I sit down and work, I could use a good giggle at Jared’s expense.  Where is that video of him doing the hokey pokey? Two seconds later, I’m watching this:

Hokey Pokey Birthday from MissBritt on Vimeo.

Aaaaand, then I’m crying.

She’s so tiny.  And that voice – when did she lose that voice?  When did she stop needing me to translate for her?  When did she stop being three and start being five?  What else will she have stopped doing by the time she comes home next month?  My God, it’s all happening so fast, and I’m missing it right this very moment.

And when did Devin stop being 9 and start being half grown?  When did the dimples in his fingers turn into knuckles and joints?  And what crazy inventions and new world views will he have come up with in 2 months while he’s away from me?

I miss them so much that my chest literally hurts right now.  My arms ache from not holding them.  My cheeks miss theirs.  I know this time with their grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins is good for them.  I know.  I know that this time with Jared and I is good for us.  I know.  But right now, right this moment, there’s nothing in the world I want more than my babies.

Except they aren’t babies anymore.

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