My family remembers the Puppy Monster.

“There are times when the whole world should stop and know that something awful has happened.

There are times when the rest of the world, for even just a moment, should not be allowed to laugh or to smile or to joke or to go on with their lives as if the very fabric of time were not just ripped in two.

There are times when the only thing we can do is join in the suffering.”

I wrote these words three years ago after finding out about the death of my dear friend’s son, the beloved Puppy Monster.  I believe they are just as true today, three years later, as they were then.

I’m ashamed to admit how much his loss has changed my life in the last three years.  His pain has made me a better mother.  When my children leave me, I resist the urge to whoop about sleeping in or random date movies, because I am reminded in a mental flash how beyond lucky I am to have early mornings and family movie night nights.  His grief, his remembering, his unfair and unfathomable story – they are never far from my mind and can be felt in the too tight hugs I make my children endure several times a day.

I can’t make the world right again for Dawg or his son or the brothers and sisters and mother who grieve, but I can keep my promise to never forget.

My family remembers the Puppy Monster.

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