In Which I Give Someone A Wii. For Real.

If you want a Wii™ system and/or a Wii Fit™ Plus game, you’re going to want to read this.


I normally post all of my giveaways over at Buy Her. That is a review web site. That is a shopping web site. That is a site where we talk about products and stuff and things. And so, it makes sense to me that OVER THERE is where giveaways should go.

But… well… this is just too good.

And by too good? I mean for YOU – because I don’t get squat. Except that someone in this world is going to love me a whole lot pretty soon.



I already own a Wii. Technically, my husband owns it as the kids and I tracked one down for his 28th birthday. He uses it to have an excuse to jump off of my coffee table when playing Guitar Hero and insisting that he gets bonus points for jump kicks.

I, however, being the more mature and responsible adult in this relationship, use the Wii to make the world a better place. Specifically, I use the Wii with my Wii Fit™ to workout. And the more I workout, the better I look and feel. And the better I look and feel, the less likely I am to go crazy on some unsuspecting shopper in my local Wal-Mart.



And because I not only am a saint but also a giver, I want to give you the chance to save the world, too.

More specifically, I want to give you a Wii system and the new Wii Fit Plus game from Nintendo.


As in, for free.

Because I? Am awesome.


(Oh, and also because I became a Brand Enthusiast for the Nintendo Wii Fit Plus a few months ago and I had a party a few weeks months back here in Central Florida where about 20 of my friends and I got to play with the new Wii Fit Plus and as part of me being a “Brand Enthusiast” – which I’m totally going to have put on a shirt – Nintendo has given me a Wii and a Wii Fit Plus, which I am going to give away on my blog.

But mainly, I’m awesome.)

My question to you, dear reader, is… HOW AWESOME ARE YOU?

Or, more specifically, How will you fit some fit in with your Wii Fit Plus if you get one?

Are you confused yet?

Here’s the deal. One of the awesome things about having a Wii Fit Plus is being able to workout in your own home in a way that is fun (it’s a video game!), effective, and easy to fit into your schedule (because you don’t have to go to the gym, after all).

So in order to enter this contest, you have to LEAVE A COMMENT telling me How will you fit exercise into your routine with a Wii Fit Plus?


  • To enter this contest, leave 1 comment on this blog answering the question “How will you fit exercise into your routine with Wii Fit Plus?”
  • All entries must be received by 11.59pm Eastern Time  March 31, 2010.
  • Duplicate entries and entries received after 11.59pm on March 31, 2010 will be deleted.
  • You must leave a valid email address with your entry – or I won’t be able to contact you and I’ll have to pick another winner.
  • This contest is only open to US residents 18 years or older who are not related to me. (Sorry Karen and Dad.) Also, Nintendo employees are ineligible. (Sorry Nintendo employees I don’t know.)
  • Winner will be chosen at random by an online random integer generator.

Got it?

And…. go!

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