Happy Creed Day!


This is my baby brother.

And by baby brother I mean 21 year old college junior who can totally take care of himself and vote and hold a job and probably (but maybe not! probably not even!  we’re going with highly unlikely!) have sex baby brother.

I’m 9 years older than him, which has made me more like a mother than a sister to him in a lot of ways – except for the part where I never have to deal with him hating me or mouthing off to me or asking me for money.  It’s basically like getting to have a son without having to deal with the teenage years.

When we lived in Iowa, he practically lived at our house when he was in high school.  Which is to say, I would come home from work at night and mysteriously find my cupboards and refrigerator empty, as well as the toilet seat up and any and every hair product bottle in the house empty.   I’m not sure how he managed to eat my mother and I out of house and home simultaneously, but the kid always has been one to push past reasonable limits.  Somehow, one of the hardest parts of moving to Florida was saying goodbye to all that.

To put it mildly, we all miss him like crazy.

Emma and Devin adore their Uncle Creed.  Emma has gotten up every single morning since the day after her birthday and asked “how many more days until Creed gets here?”  This morning she was absolutely livid when she discovered that it was, in fact, Creed Day – and yet she couldn’t find him anywhere in the house.  Her ever practical brother, of course, explained to her that it would be very, very late when Creed actually got here and so she was being very dumb by declaring today Creed Day.  And then he asked if he could skip school for the week Creed was here in order to better “enjoy all of this sunshine!”

Jared has known Creed since he was younger than Devin is now and babies him as much, if not more, than I do.  They keep in touch by exchanging movie quotes on Facebook and text messages that damn near border on homoerotic.  And they will both have great fun plotting ways to get back at me for that statement. They will also, no doubt, have fun talking about how naturally charming and good looking they each are and swapping stories about how people pretty much do whatever they want because they are just that damn awesome.  And I will get in absolutely no trouble for that statement.

I will drive over an hour to the Orlando airport tonight at half past way past my old lady bedtime to pick him up.  I will hug him and probe him for details about his personal life.  I will probably lecture him about being nicer to our mother and staying away from girls who are not good enough for him.  I will ask him far too many times if he is sure that he’s doing OK with all of the craptastic stuff that has happened in and around his life recently, and he will assure me that “Britter, I’m fine, you know I always am.”  And maybe I will push just a little too hard and he will tell me I sound “just like mom”, but because I am not, actually, mom, he will not get pissed off at me for it.

Although I still have several hours to go before I actually see him, today is a good day.  Because today is, technically and officially, Creed Day.

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