The People, or at least @DarlaF, basically demanded it.

I used to update my blog regularly so that my mom wouldn’t freak out over whether I was dead or depressed or something.

But now she just calls me most of the time if she’s worried about me and she’s pretty much too busy to read my blog now anyway.  And if your mom is too busy to read your blog?  Well, why bother – right?

Twitter is pretty much the greatest ego boost in the entire world.  Even better than mamas!

ANYway – I promised Darla I’d actually post for the first time in damn near two weeks.  Two weeks?  TWO WEEKS??  How did THAT happen?

Oh, right – I’ve been busy.

First I had a Super Bowl party, where “party” means I sent out a last minute email and made a few last minute phone calls to a few of our friends and suddenly had HOLY SHIT THIS IS A LOT OF PEOPLE coming to our house – most of whom don’t watch football.  ‘Twas fun.  The end.

Then the very next day, Jared and I ditched work and went to Disney World.  Alone.  Without our kids.

In case you missed it:




It was a very good time.  And oddly enough, the grown up rides – while awesome – were not even the best part.  The very best part was wandering around EPCOT for two hours, drinking margaritas from plastic cups in Disney Mexico and eating Disney Moroccan food and deciding between Disney Paris and Disney Italy that we are, finally, totally planning a trip to Europe.  For next summer.  For real.


Sight. It was a very good time.

And then we came home and went back to work.

And I worked.  And worked.  And worked.  And worked some more.  Because come to find out?  Europe is not cheap.  See also: mortgage and water and groceries and Aveda hair products.

And in the middle of all that working, my husband informed me that he had “planned a Valentine’s Day/Rock band party, invited a bunch of people, hope you don’t mind! luv u!”

And then I considered killing him.  But just as I was about to strangle him for a) inviting people to my house when I was going to be nose deep in work for the foreseeable future and b) not, you know, planning something for ME for Valentine’s Day, he pulled me aside and said “hey, I hope you’re not mad, but I really don’t want Hilly or Adam to be alone this weekend.  I thought this could be fun for all of us, and I’ll handle everything.”

And then I kind of promised to love him forever and ever.

And you know what?  He did handle everything.  He sent the invites and bought the groceries and cleaned up the house and threw the coolest Valentine’s Day/Rock Band Party ever.

What, you may ask, is a Valentine’s Day/Rock Band Party?

It is a bunch of grown ass people dressing up as rock stars and getting together in a house to play Rock Band 2 on the Nintendo Wii – all while eating “aphrodisiac” inspired foods, including OMG AWESOME oysters.

Oh yes.  We totally did.




And we rocked our asses off!!

Until 11:30 at night.

And then, um, someone maybe kind of got really tired and started falling asleep on the couch.  LIKE A ROCK STAR!

That brings us up to Sunday – the actual Day of Valentine.  Jared and I took advantage of the fact that Hilly is still living with us and ditched her and the kids to go see Avatar, making us, officially, the last people in the entire world to see this movie.  We both loved it, and I don’t care what anyone says, it was totally romantic – and not just because it was a three hour long adult only movie.

So, there’s that.

Enjoy your vacation, Darla!

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