Is It Too Late For 10 Things I Learned In 2009? (See also: rhetorical questions.)

You know why blogs are better than babies?

Because you can ignore them for days and days and weeks and weeks and they are still here.

Don’t try that shit with babies.  Seriously.

I plan to tell you all about our New Year’s Eve party – including the part where Jared showed up without a shirt on and I proved once and for all that I should have been a rock star.  And surely at some point I will mention the awesomeness that is Disney’s Animal Kingdom and being able to go to Disney whenever you want for free and how that also means being able to go home right exactly when you are ready to.  And maybe eventually I will get around to finally writing and posting that scathing letter to Victoria’s Secret about their Christmas lingerie.  And for absolutely sure I will be reminding you about my impending 30th birthday.

But not today.  Today, exactly already four days after 2009 is old news, I’m going to go ahead and jump on the Reflecting on 2009 Bandwagon.  Because being a follower is seriously underrated in today’s society.  Consider this my commentary on the tragic overuse of words like “trailblazer” and “trendsetter” and “thought leader”.  I’m not lazy, I’m making a statement!



10 Things I Learned In 2009

1. This is never it.  Change is both possible and inevitable.  Always.

2. There are a lot of people in The South who are still reallllllly bitter about The Civil War The War Of Northern Aggression.

3. We have not yet, as a society, evolved beyond the capacity for hope.

4. And in the end, hope is what makes the difference.

5.  The opposite of hope, and the most notable marker of depression, is despair.

6. The greatest gift you can give is forgiveness.

7. Second to that is an iPhone.

8. Reading through your old blog archives is a really great way to accidentally waste an hour of the Monday after the holiday break.  Shit.

9. Reading through your old blog archives is also a really great way to remind yourself how bad things can get.

10. Reminding yourself how bad things can get is a really, really great way to remind yourself to be exceedingly grateful for the fact that things can change.

You know, that pretty much sums up what I learned in 2009.  That time keeps moving.  That things change.  That good things can turn into bad things and bad things can turn into good things and there is no decision in the world that is right enough that it will prevent change from happening again.

And so you don’t even bother with predicting the future or being right enough for anything more than right now.  You just hang on to the faith that there will always be more good things to come and you make the best next choice you can – and you hope that will be enough.

So, thanks for that, 2009.  Here’s to learning something much cooler in 2010.

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