Thanksgiving Pictures And Why Mommy Blogging Is Easy.

Do you know why there are so many mommy blogs?

Because it’s easy.

If you have kids, you can throw up pictures from pretty much any day of your life and be like “LOOK!  I POSTED!  SPECIAL MOMENTS WITH MY KIDS!”  and someone, somewhere, will be all “awwww, you have babies and they eat turkey.  So cute.”




And if you take pictures of mundane stuff on an angle, you can call yourself artsy.

See also: pictures of food, plates, and bottles of cheap wine that people who don’t have blogs would never, ever consider photographing.




Of course, you are obligated to document any interaction you have with other bloggers.  It boosts your street cred.


You are not, however, obligated to post any unflattering pictures of yourself.

Unless you’re a masochist.

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