She calls them “appreciations”, and we have to do them every day.

“I appreciate that…” and once a day your spouse comes up with something, anything, about you that is worthy of being appreciated.

Some days are harder than others.

“I appreciate that you finally decided to drop it.”

“You should appreciate that I didn’t kill you.  I appreciate that you’re not dead right now, because you could be.”

“I appreciate that you try to do your appreciations – even if you suck at them.”

But most of the time we do alright.  And I think we’ve learned a lot about each other in the process, especially about what we value in one another most.  He hasn’t once said that he appreciates my excellent taste in footwear or the time I spend keeping myself pretty, but he’s thanked me for spending time with him on more than one occassion.

Anyway, appreciations.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the general Internet assumption that you’ll lazily donate at least one post to number off the things you’re thankful for, I’m breaking the One A Day Rule.

I appreciate, Jared, …

that you show up.

that you keep trying.

that you always snuggle up behind me at night.

that you never ask me to roll over or give you more space.

that you cook and clean and do laundry without acting like you’re doing me some huge favor.

that you always call back.

that you want to know my friends.

that you started reading this blog.

that you didn’t it read it years ago because you thought I wanted privacy, even if I didn’t.

that you’ve never referred to parenting as babysitting.

that you pray.

that you’ve spent hours organizing your music.

that you look good in a suit.

that you dance in your underwear.

that you’ll read that and say “I have no idea what you’re talking about”.

that you wouldn’t make me popcorn last night, but brought me veggies and dip instead.

that you paint my toenails.

that you’re amazing at your job.

that you’ve stopped taking work calls at night.

that you close the bathroom door in the morning when you think I’m still asleep.

that you are a really great friend to other guys.

that you fantasize about moving to New York City with me.

that you also fantasize about moving to Jamaica, Mexico or the Bahamas.

that you’re looking forward to Thanksgiving just as much as I am.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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