Communicating After Counseling

Sent at 10:16 AM on Friday

Jared: Hey miss writer

brittmariereints: miss writer?
are you mocking me?

Jared: Don’t think to0 hard but
asking for help

brittmariereints: oh

Jared: tamieka is trying to write something for her grandfather that passed yesterday
she is writing a poem or whatever you call
it when you
Say like
G – is for giving
R is for

brittmariereints: oh jesus god
corny is what you call it

Jared: true

brittmariereints: but don’t tell her i said that

Jared: I wont
what is a good word for R

brittmariereints: wellllll
i don’t know her grandfather
so it’s hard to say
relaxed? romantic? robust?
rotund? that only works if he was fat

Jared: lol

brittmariereints: racist?
was he racist?
because that starts with r
i mean, you know, technically, they were

Jared: realistic.

brittmariereints: that’s the one she picked?

Jared: no
I didn’t tell her yet

brittmariereints: lol
why not? they were AWESOME!

Jared: no realistic makes me laugh

Jared: like grandma was a dreamer
but grandpa
but grandpa was realistic so they did nothing with there lives

brittmariereints: hey, there are a lot of people i would used that word to describe!

brittmariereints: republican?

brittmariereints:you know, like if he was a horny old man – randy

you are something else

brittmariereints: lol

Jared: Funny
but something

if my name had an f in it

brittmariereints:you could totally make one of these “poems” and say funny

Jared: Please use Randy in my uligy

eulogy, i mean
and i will

Jared: yes

brittmariereints: robotic
was her grandpa mentally handicapped?

Jared: ass

brittmariereints: hahahahahahahah
come on!
that is FUNNy!
i am DYING laughing right now!
hooo boy
i don’t know why everything that starts with R is wicked
please tell her i suggested retarded
maybe SHE will think it’s funny

brittmariereints: i still think she should go with racist

Jared: oh god

me: i mean, i don’t know him, but if he’s from here
chances are…

Jared: she is black

maybe he hated white people!
OR i will assume she would find it HILARIOUS

Jared: omg

brittmariereints: omg what?
are you ok?

Jared: haahaa

brittmariereints:did someone bite you?
you asked her, didn’t you?
and she totally said YES!
he WAS racist!
that’s PERFECT!

brittmariereints: not so cocky now, are you?

Jared: hahha
I almost said it out loud

Jared: haahaa

Jared: B – beautiful
R – romantic
I – insane

brittmariereints: thought – too bad you’re not jewish

Jared: T – Temultious

brittmariereints: that’s not a word

Jared: I like it though
neither is ginormous

brittmariereints: ginormous is totally a word

Jared: no it is not

brittmariereints: pfft
good thing you have an R in your name

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