7 Things I Learned This Weekend That Have Nothing To Do With Self Esteem

Because my God I am tired of looking at that other post.

1.  The words “another round” are from Satan himself.

2.  Especially when they are said by someone else and yet, somehow, include you.

3.  Especially if you do not drink as much – or as quickly – as the person saying “another round” who is, somehow, including you.

4.  Just because there is another drink in front of you does not mean it is a good idea to hurry up and finish the drink you are not even half way through because oh my God I don’t want to waste food!

5.  Diet Coke and Bacardi Limon should probably not be considered “food”.

6.  You should always, always pee before you leave the bar.

miss-britt-and-disney-on-twitter7.  It is always, always possible to sink to a new low.

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