How Miss Britt Dyes Her Hair Pink. A Photo Essay.

The best time to make a drastic change to your appearance is right before you go and meet 1400 or so strangers for the first time.


Which is why I thought it was an awesome idea to lure Hilly over to my house Sunday night under the guise of hanging out and then proceed to force her into doing things that I am too cheap to pay for.  Like color my hair.


Let’s start off with a good old fashion BEFORE shot:


Wait a minute.  Let’s back this up just a bit in an effort to defend myself ever so slightly.

Before there was THAT, there was THIS:



ANYway, so we started off with dirty blonde hair.  Dirty as in the color, not the hygiene.




Either Hilly was trying to shake some sense into me, or Google said something about dividing your hair into sections and starting at the back and the neck.

And yes, Google.  Because one should always alter their appearance before meeting 1400 strangers by doing something that requires a consultation with Google half way through the procedure.



Three hours later…


So basically, the mushroom guy from Super Mario brothers farts pixie dust onto my head, and that makes the colors change.

And then we wash it all out, blow dry, blah blah blah blah and…


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