20 Things I Want You To Hear

Blog memes are like bell bottoms.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad of an idea they were in the first place, they always come back around eventually.

The most recent one to resurface is the “Things I Would Love To Say” post.  The way it works is that the blogger makes a list of random things they wish they could say to someone, but they don’t name names.  The readers then either join in with their own lists of anonymous statements, or spend the rest of their day trying to figure out who the blogger was hypothetically speaking to.  And wondering if it was them.

It’s a fantastic display of pent up aggression and insecurity driven paranoia.  Fun.

I’ve decided to play along, with the disclaimer that if you’re reading this, I might very well be talking about you.

20 Things I Want You To Hear Someone Say To You

1.  You don’t have to be so afraid to let the world see the real you.

2.  I hate watching you in pain, but I am so amazed at your willingness to endure it.

3.  I’ve never met you, but I feel like I know you through the comments you’ve left here.  You’ve made a difference to me on more than one occasion.

4.  I care what you think of me, because you’re someone worth impressing.

5.  Watching you with your family inspires me to be a better wife and mother.

6.  Your happiness is contagious and, I believe, truly a gift.  From God to the rest of the world.

7.  Your intellect is impressive.  Your compassion, however, is absolutely stunning.

8.  You have a good heart.  Have faith that it will be enough of a reason for people to like you.

9. There will always be someone in this world who loves you.  Always.  Even if it’s just me.

10.  I wish I had been a better friend to you when you needed me to be.  You deserved that.

11.  Get out of your own way.  The only thing stopping you from living the life you imagine is you.

12.  Go ahead, let your hair down.  I can see a part of you that’s dying to break free.

13.  Having a friend who is willing to call you on your bullshit means that you are worth the time and energy.

14.  I miss you and think of you often.  There will always be a place for you in my heart, my home, and my life.

15.  I know that you’re afraid to fail.  Please don’t be afraid to try anyway.

16.  We don’t talk often, but knowing you has reminded me that I want to be a better person.

17.  I know someone who has a secret crush on you.  It would shock the hell out of you if you knew about it.  And it’d make you stand up just a little taller.

18.  My friends and I talk about you when you’re not around.  We all wish you were here and are dying to finally meet you.

19.  Something about you intimidates the hell out of me, and I’d really like to be better friends with you.

20.  I want you to be more than content.  I want you to be happy.

What do you need someone to hear?

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