Parties, Pedicures and Panic Attacks. Oh my.

I woke up this morning dreading writing this post.

I got back late last night from a long weekend in Lexington, Kentucky.  I went to Lexington for “ConFab, Baby!” – a blogger houseparty hosted by Turnbaby and the man formerly known as Mr. Fabulous.  Everyone knows you can’t go to a blogger party without blogging about it when you get home.

But you’re supposed to come home and rave about what a great time you had and how awesome everyone was and how you simply can’t wait to do it again.

And all I could think about this morning was the fact that I had a panic attack in the middle of a fucking party.

And had a huge fight with Adam all weekend.

And unwittingly made a scene at a stranger’s wedding in our hotel lobby.

And left one party goer with the impression that I was “fake”.

And missed the shit out of my husband the entire time I was gone.

None of those things are conducive to a “WEE!  LOOK AT ME!  I WENT TO A PARTY!” post.  And while there are plenty of people who attend these types of gathering and later lament the fact that they felt awkward and out of place – I have never been one of them.  I am not the girl who sits in the corner and stews.  I am not the girl who spends a weekend away pouting and pining for home.  I am not the girl who goes to a party and comes home and bitches about it.

I am the girl who goes to a party and documents the ridiculously good time she had.

*sigh fucking sigh*

ANYway, was not looking forward to trying to cobble something together here.  But then I started going through the 195 pictures I took this weekend and I found myself remembering all of the hundreds of good things that happened in Lexington.

Like when Hilly and I tried to stylize Becky.

ConFab - Lexington KY 023

Things went fabulously well at the store where I made her try on dozens and dozens of various outfits and somehow found her hundreds of dollars worth of new clothes that she not only looked great in, but liked enough to buy.  Things went less well when Hilly tried to “fix” Becky’s hair using a sequined butterfly clip.

For some reason *I* was the one Becky tried to exact revenge on later.

ConFab - Lexington KY 032

I also remembered hanging out with people who surprised me.

ConFab - Lexington KY 039

No, not Hilly.  I have dozens of pictures of her looking like a porn star.

But the woman on the right is Janelle.  She’s been reading my blog for a long time and I met her last year at Adam’s Halloween party, but she’s always been really nervous and self concious around me in the past.  She floored me this weekend.  She was so relaxed and confident and really fantastic to hang out with.  It was so cool to watch her come out of her shell and come into her own – which is admittedly not an easy task when you’re in the presence of loud ass people like me.

(Oh, and the poor guy crammed in between us is Shiny – who will never forgive me for the patio incident.)


Other highlights from the weekend include:

ConFab - Lexington KY 035

Finally meeting DutchBitch – who traveled all the way from Holland to attend the party.

ConFab - Lexington KY 019

Watching Jill get a tattoo. And no, I did not partake in the ink this time.

ConFab - Lexington KY 052

Meeting Soda in person!

ConFab - Lexington KY 168

And the rest of “The Bitches”. How can you not love a girl gang who calls themselves “The Bitches”? Their family had a sit down with the Orlando Family and a peaceful arrangement was reached.

ConFab - Lexington KY 165

Of course, all girl gang agreements must be cemented with a ceremonial knighting by Lemoncello.

ConFab - Lexington KY 094

Ahem. Karaoke.

ConFab - Lexington KY 095

Once more with feeling.

ConFab - Lexington KY 077

Would you believe she sang Baby Got Back? Oh, yes, she did. And she was awesome. As was my dancing, if I may say.

Blah blah blah yada yada yada – there are tons and tons and tons of pictures from the weekend here and here if you are so inclined to peruse them.

The point is, Brad and Liz threw one hell of a party and despite some less than stellar moments for me – I did have a good time.

And really…

ConFab - Lexington KY 036

How could I not?

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