Gearing Up and Scaling Back

I have a feeling that my life is about to get crazy.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Tampa to say goodbye to Anissa, after spending the afternoon at Faiqa‘s baby shower.

Next weekend I’m headed to Lexington, Kentucky with Hilly and Adam for ConFab.  I’m looking forward to rooming with Hilly and Becky and having lots and lots of girl time.  And of course, there is the party itself will which take place at another blogger‘s house.

The kids are headed for Iowa in July where they’ll spend a month with all of their grandparents and uncles and cousins.  Jared and I have already designated two of the weekends they’ll be gone as getaway weekends – although I currently have absolutely no idea where we’ll be going or what we’ll be doing.

I leave for Chicago on July 22nd to attend BlogHer.

I think that wraps up the travel portion of the craziness.

I just accepted a new position as the editor of the hotel blog for UpTake.  I’m excited and nervous and honored as hell to have been chosen and scared out of my mind that I will fall on my ass.  Unless you are reading this and you run UpTake and recently hired me, in which case I am just excited and honored and I’m sure it will all be fine.

I’m bound and determined to make progress on The Book.

My friend Samantha, who is a real and actual writer and not in the Internet sense of the word but in the she has actual manuscripts printed on real paper sense of the word, has read the first 20 pages and her encouragement and insistance that I keep going has been nothing short of amazing.  She has given me permission to believe and to try and to invest in something that might never mean anything to anyone besides me.

So, yeah.  The Book.  It has officially moved into the Priority column.

In order to make room for all of these things on the proverbial Plate, I’ve had to take a closer look at my life and the way I spend my time.  There are some things that cannot be sacrificed – mainly Jared and the kids and my health – and a few things that I know I need to let go of.  And then there are things that I refuse to give up, but that I realize can be taken in smaller chunks.

Like this blog.

I’m not giving up this blog.  A few people have kindly given me permission to do so and even gone so far as to encourage me in that direction – in the interest of “focusing on more important things”.  But right or wrong, this blog is important to me.  And for as long as that continues to be true, I will continue to dedicate some of my precious time and energy to it.

But I’ll be doing it smaller doses.

There was a time when I posted something every single day here.  And then I went to every week day.  And then I broke my brain and went to a “GUESS!  GUESS!  GUESS WHEN YOU’LL SEE ME AGAIN!” schedule.  For now, I’m going to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule because it makes the most sense and I think it will help give me the balance that I need to get other stuff done.

For those of you who read Buy-Her (thank you! I love you!  You are my favorite!), you’ll be seeing the same posting schedule there.

I’m a little nervous about all of this.  I’m taking on new projects and rearranging my schedule.  I’m trying really hard to live the kind of life that is in line with what I profess to value.  And I’m trying to do it without driving myself straight into a loony bin.

Not that there’s anything wrong with loony bins.

I hear they serve cookies.

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