When Happiness Means Not Blogging. Or Using Periods.

On Sunday I was going to write a funny post about how Hilly and I spent Saturday pretending to be supermodels.

I was going to show you pictures of our light guy and write funny things on the pictures like “see how we is sexy!” with an arrow pointing to my boob inexplicably hanging out of my dress.  I was going to show you how well I “act natural” with a mirror and makeup brush in the middle of a public park and you would have been all “oh, Britt, you do the funniest photo essays EVER!” and I would have been like “whew, I still got it!”

I spent Sunday with my family instead.

So on Monday, I was going to write a post about how my husband tried to kill me on Sunday by driving me out to the middle of bumfuck nowhere so that he could feed me to alligators and watch me run from bears.  I was going to tell you about the WATCH FOR BEARS! signs and the NO CELL PHONE SERVICE!  GOOD LUCK CALLING FOR HELP SIGNS! that should have been there but were not.

And then I was going to post all of these really cute pictures I took of the kids catching fish and of Devin refusing to touch said fish and of Jared water skiing and me riding on an inner tube behind a boat and you would have said “awww, Britt, it looks like you guys had fun.  You have the best family EVER!”  And I would have been all “yeah, thanks, they aren’t bad when they aren’t trying to kill me.”

But, I spent Monday doing all the work I didn’t do Sunday instead.

I wrote this week’s post for Work It, Mom! and started half a dozen posts for Buy-Her.com and answered a ridiculous amount of emails for my actual job.  I trudged through the important things on my to-do list until about 8:30 last night when I finally said “Enough!” and then I could have posted all of those pictures then, but I decided to sit by Jared on the couch instead.

And then I stayed up too late with Jared and I sat for far too long in traffic this morning now I’m sitting here at work with a new list of important things to do and somehow “take care of blog” just isn’t ranking above “earn your salary”.

So instead of pictures or sentence structure or witty and entertaining writing, you get this crap.  Because lately I find that I have less to say and more to do.

devin-and-britt-on-tube-in-silver-glenAnd it’s kind of nice when that happens.

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