It’s A Housewarming Party! And you’re invited. Yes, you.

As everyone in the entire world knows by now, Hilly has moved to Florida.

In fact, she’s moved in about 5 blocks away from me.  That pretty much makes me her neighbor.  As her neighbor and her friend, I’d like to do something special to welcome her to the neighborhood.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hilly, she is known in The PBR (a term she coined for The People’s Republic of Blogistan) as Snackiepoo.  She has been living in Southern California for the last 5 years until her recent divorce.

Her readers have watched Hilly struggle and fight to save her marriage, and ultimately come to terms with the fact that she had to say goodbye to a man she still calls her best friend .  We’ve seen her battle with self image and a never ending desire to be more positive in all areas of her life.  Watching her strength and her willingness to be vulnerable has been amazing, and I’m so proud to call her my friend.

The woman drove across the country in four days, all by herself.  She’s fucking amazing.

Even though she is resonsible for my excessive use of the word douche.

ANYway, if The PBR were a village, I’d invite you all over to Hilly’s new home for a housewarming party.  I’d make margaritas and serve chips and bean dip and guacamole.  And we’d all sit around on her back patio and talk and laugh, and infect the air with the friends and family vibe that truly make a house a home.

And there would be presents.

Of course, The PBR is not a village in the logistical sense of the word.  Our friends and chosen family members are spread across the globe – which is totally cool for most things but kind of sucky when you move into a new place and the vast majority of your friends are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

But, why let that stop us?



And you’re invited…

When: now

Where: here

What: let’s all welcome Hilly with love and encouragement and congratulations and presents.

How the fuck, Britt?

OK, so – I made Hilly set up an Amazon list for her new house:

Hilly’s Amazon New House Wish List

Please feel free to go there and depart with your hard earned cash in the name of doing something nice.

You can also send her congratulations e-cards at snackiepoo at gmail dot com.

You can also declare your affection and well wishes for Hilly here in the comment section.

UPDATED TO ADD: I guess I just assumed everyone would think of this, but my mom reminded me this morning that maybe not.  If you don’t see anything you like and want to give a little something to Hilly, remember you can always send her an amazon gift card via  email (snackiepoo at gmail dot com).

Of course, if you don’t know Hilly, you might find this whole thing a little odd.  In which case, well, that’s totally cool.  Obviously.

But if you know and love her the way I do, please join me in welcoming her to her new life and letting her know that The PBR has got her back as she starts to build a new life for herself.

And if you can – bring presents.

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