Clearly, You Have Some Questions. Right? Surely? Please?

So, every Wednesday night, the blogger known as Avitable and I get together on this Internet Talk Show Radio site and we.. well.. argue.

Yep.  That’s about it.

We’ve argued about abortion, capital punishment, arranged marriages and whether or not you should attend social functions with your spouse.

The overall theme of the show is that I am light and goodness and Adam is evil incarnate.  Basically.

Yeah, I don’t know either, but some people seem to like it.  In fact, we have a fan page on facebook

and everything.  That makes us official.  Well, that and the fact that my dad listens to it and my husband is usually hitting on women in the chatroom – which is actually kind of creepy and I keep telling him that no one is ever going to believe me that he’s not creepy.  Wait, that doesn’t make us official at all.


ANYway, now that I have given the best marketing pitch for a talk radio show ever – here’s why I bring it up:

This week’s topic is another edition of You Ask, We Answer!

(That’s witty, right?  I just made that up.)

In other words, I need you to ask us some questions.

You can leave them in the comments of this post or email them to me via the contact form on this web site.

What kind of questions?

Last time we had people ask us for advice.  We’ve also had people ask questions about what goes on behind the scenes of the show and things they want to know about the dysfunctional duo that is Brittable.

(That’s witty, right?  I didn’t make that up.  Someone else did.)

Basically, we’ll take anything that we can talk about for a few minutes and make midly interesting for anyone who happens to be listening in.  You can ask to remain anonymous.

So – go forth and ask questions.  Please.  And thank you.  In advance.  Because I’m sure you have something to ask me.

And…. go.

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