The only thing good about today not being Friday…

…is the fact that I still have one more day to clean up this house and get some food before I have to host a potluck/game night I agreed to months ago.

I’m thinking I’m going to just throw everything in the bathtub and slide the shower door shut. (Unless you’re planning on coming to my house soon, in which case, I would never do that. And it is RUDE to open up people’s closed shower doors, by the way.)

And if you’re providing SHELTER and GAMES – shouldn’t you be exempt from contributing food? Or at least only be responsible for booze – which I do, sadly, have loads of?

Who the hell still does potlucks besides churches?!?

And what does it say about me that I have nothing to make for dinner but all of the ingredients for a homemade, low-carb fabulous margarita? I mean, besides the fact that I am obviously a wonderful mother.

You know what, don’t answer that.

Besides, you wouldn’t think it was so bad if you’d ever had one of those margaritas. I’m just sayin’.

You know what, let’s not think about dirty clothes and groceries today. Let’s focus on getting my mom and Becky to buy an awesome pair of Enzo Angiolini shoes.

Everyone tell them that every women should own a pair of heels, OK?

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