LeapFrog Tag Reading System Giveaway. What?! Why?!

If you’re a parent or you’re new here and came for the giveaway, go ahead and scroll down. My regular readers and I need a moment…

I really dragged my feet on doing this. It’s been less than a week since I unveiled the new shopping blog for women and explained all of the reasons why I would not be doing mommy reviews. I got all huffy and indignant about marketers seeing women as moms to small children – and I stand by that indignation.

Of course, as fate (and possibly karma) would have it, that SAME DAY I got an email from a lovely woman who writes the Family Internet site on About.com, letting me know I had been chosen as one of ten bloggers to host a giveaway for LeapFrog.

Crap, crap, crap, crap CRAP! I kind of panicked internally. My reputation and integrity is very important to me and, dang it, I meant what I said about being a voice for women who are not moms at all or not just moms.

But, my word is also important to me. And although I’m not getting paid anything from anyone – I had said it was OK for Christy to add me to the list of bloggers to be considered when she emailed me and I agreed to host the giveaway if I was selected. Granted, I figured the odds of that were very, very slim (surely these people check out if the blogs are accepted by Evil Panera IT Department before choosing!) – but still. I said I would do something, and I’m going to do it. Even if the timing is not so great. And people will say that I don’t owe anyone an explanation and it’s my blog and blah blah blah – but I hope you guys know that I feel like we – me and you, the people who come here every day – are in this together. You’re a hell of a lot more than another pageview or subscriber to me and I don’t ever want you to doubt for a minute that I’m anything less than honest with you or that the promises I make to you – though few and far between – don’t mean something to me.

I’m not ashamed to admit that your respect is important to me, because I know you guys. And you’re people whose respect deserves to be earned and cherished. I hope you’ll be able to respect that doing what I say I’m going to do is important to me.
LeapFrog Tag Giveaway

The prize for this contest is ideal for kids who are learning to read or are learning to appreciate books. (My daughter is 4 and I’m not expecting her to be able to read aloud to me yet, but she is starting to pick up words because she gets read to a lot. She’d be perfect for this.)

Jack, tell them what they’re playing for!

The Prize:

LeapFrog Tag Reading System - Cat in the Hat bundle

LeapFrog Tag Reader System Giveaway

(Photos provided by LeapFrog)

LeapFrog is giving away ten LeapFrog Tag Reading System Bundles – and one of them can be won right here. This bundle comes with Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham (possibly my favorite Dr. Seuss story ever, second only to Oh The Places You’ll Go) and Ozzie & Mack (which comes with all LeapFrog Tag Reading Systems.

What the heck is a LeapFrog Tag Reading System?

I’m glad you asked! Basically, it’s a pen that can read books to your kids. This doesn’t replace you reading to your kids, but it can help them read a word, an entire sentence, or a book all on their own. Independent play is good for kids, too.

The Nitty Gritty – How you can win:

This contest requires a little more work than most of the other giveaways we do here. It’s a two step process – but I think you can handle it.

1. Read the review of the LeapFrog Tag Reading System on About.com

2. Come back HERE and leave a comment telling me 1 product feature that you like or don’t like. Use a valid email when you comment, because that’s how you’ll be notified if you win.

Other Official Stuff:

1. This contest is sponsored by LeapFrog – which is good news for you because I almost always forget to mail out prizes if I’m the one in charge of that.
2. This contest is part of LeapFrog’s 1 Million Reading Hours Pledge. You can go there to win lots of stuff too!
3. This contest (on this blog) runs from today (March 14th) through Saturday March 21st. You have until Midnight on March 21st to leave a comment here to enter.
4. Winners will be chosen at random by me and notified at the email address used to comment.
5. I am totally awesome, but don’t normally run parent giveaways here. Just so you know. So I won’t be offended if you don’t declare you’re undying love for me.
6. You really should though. Because I’m awesome. My mom told me so.

Ready, set, go!

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