Bad JuJu

You know, I was going to tell you about all of the craptastic stuff that keeps happening to me over the last 48 hours – but it really hasn’t been that bad.


I mean, yes, I got into a car accident.  My car is fucked right now because some lady ran a red light and then proceeded to lie her ass off.  But – I have the same insurance company as the other lying ass driver, so everything went smoothly and I had a rental car by the next morning.  No deductable, the car will get fixed.  Whatever.

And, yes, I spent most of yesterday morning fighting with my home network and internet connection because it has some strange problem that “hm, shouldn’t be happening” – according to all of the customer and technical support people I’ve talked to.

And I slammed my finger in the car door yesterday and rolled over my toe this morning and blah blah blah.

But?  Hilly is here – and that is beyond awesome.  My brother and his girlfriend showed up at my house last night (surprise! We drove three days to come see you!) – and even that was awesome.  I’m hungover as hell this morning, but that’s just because we had way more fun than an old chic should have on a work night last night.  I’ll recover.

So, you know what?  Nevermind what I was going to say.

Shit’s happened.  But that’s life.


I Love Hilly


and Hilly loves me


Look! We have matching mustaches!


and matching crazies, too!

And life?  Is good.

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