Why I asked her to be my adventure partner

Because she’s crying here. And I don’t think she was even aware of it. She just feels without thinking or questioning or trying to pretend.


Because she chased down Elmo at the Gay Pride parade and gave him a dollar to have her picture taken with him.

And she pinched his ass as he walked away.


Because she thanked them. Not to make a statement or to prove a point or even because it was the right thing to do.

But because she meant it.


Because my husband has asked me no less than 10 times in the last week “when is Becky coming?” And I can’t imagine that bothering me in the slightest bit.


Because it will be a race to see which one of the kids can wake her up first. And she will squeal and holler and beg me to “make your children stop licking me!!”, but she will be laughing too hard to take seriously.


Because instead of meeting me in Charleston, South Carolina this weekend for our next adventure together, she’s flying into Orlando a day early so she can drive up with me. Because six hours in a car “will be fun!”

That’s why I’m counting down the hours until she arrives today.

See you soon, Becky!

Wish you were here… Heather.

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