Remember when your grandparents forced you to look at their vacation slides for hours? It’s like that.

I spent several hours yesterday uploading 500 pictures – and I’m still not done.

I then proceeded to spend several more hours painting the front entry and hallway of my house – because that totally makes sense to do right after you come home from vacation and should be getting ready for work.

What that means to you is that I have no time to sit down and write real live actual words and lots and lots of pictures of people you don’t know to entertain you with.

Lucky you.


This is Emma waiting for an airplane. Isn’t that festive?


This is Devin and me, shortly after arriving in Iowa, with my Grammy. Yes, I still call her that because that is her name.


This is my baby brother, who is.. um.. I have no idea what the hell is going on here.


This is snow. This picture was taken through sliding glass doors from the inside. Because snow is fucking cold.


These are, I am told, happy butts.


This is us. Me, my mom, and my two brothers. I have other family – other parents and siblings and grandparents whom I adore. But these people were, for a very long time, the only thing I knew without a doubt I was a part of.


This is my niece. She was a baby the last time I saw her. Leaving her, knowing she would forget me all over again and reinvent herself all over again before the next time I laid eyes on her, ripped my damn heart out.


This is Emma opening the TV her grandparents got her for Christmas. Did I mention she’s three?


This is Devin opening the telescope that his grandparents got him for Christmas. Did I mention we traveled by airplane?

This gift was actually bought for Devin last spring, which in Parkersburg speak means before the tornado. Somehow that telescope survived an F5 tornado. I guess having another carry on was totally worth it.


This is Emma learning how to change a diaper. Because she got a baby that shits itself. For Christmas.


These are a few of my girlfriends. We used to get together every Thursday to smoke cigarettes and gossip on Erin’s front porch.


This is my Daddy. He reads my blog and listens to my radio show. And he calls to talk to the kids at least once a week. He wasn’t always the most involved parent, so I’m especially grateful for him now.


This is my evil, evil stepmother. She bought low carb pizza to feed me while I was at her house. She is not my mom, but she is definitely, absolutely, 100% family.

Oh, and she’s drunk on YouTube here. Heh.


And this? This is my Jeremer. He is Jared’s oldest brother, my fellow black sheep, and one of my most favorite people in the whole entire world.

And some days, I miss him most of all.

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