How Miss Britt Does Dishes. No. Really.

If you spend enough time with another person, you’re bound to discover their little quirks and eccentricities.

For example, this weekend I learned that Becky brings her own washcloths on vacation with her – and sometimes leaves them behind when she goes. Becky learned that I am perfectly normal in every way. Which is unusual, I have to admit.

I’m used to this. It’s part of the fun of getting to know people better.

And yet, I was completely unprepared for what I learned Sunday morning as we were prepare to leave our borrowed house.

This is how I, and everyone I have ever known, loads a dishwasher:


Notice how you can’t see the little plastic spokes that stick up in the top rack? That’s because they are holding the cups upright and in place – like they’re supposed to do! Everyone knows that’s what those plastic sticky uppy spoke-like things are for.



This is how Becky loads a dishwasher.

Now, you might not be able to tell by the above pictures but her way is very different from my way. While I use the plastic sticky uppy things to anchor the glasses, she uses them as – I don’t know. Row dividers? Guidelines?

She puts the dishes between the plastic sticky uppy things. And? They don’t blow all over the place when the dishwasher runs!

I was stunned.


I’d never known that this was done. Or even possible!

All this time I assumed everyone loaded the dishwasher the way I did. But, lo, no. Apparently there are two schools of thought on top rack loading.

So, Internet. I need you to tell me – tell us who is doing it right?

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