So you only have to say ‘I’m so glad you had fun’ once.

This year was a 180 degree difference from last year.

It was a full weekend instead of one night.

It was three theme parks instead of one.

It was happiness and laughter and relaxation and pure, unadulterated joy – instead of… well… something else entirely.

It was magic. Corny, cheesy, commercialized to perfection magic.

I cannot say thanks enough to our friend, Caroline, who dragged her butt out of bed Saturday and Sunday, after working overnight shifts, so that we could get into the parks for free. Without her, this perfect weekend would not have been possible.

The four of us are humbled and overwhelmed by your generosity.

Well, the three of us. Emma, to be honest with you, has no idea what the big deal is. And why she didn’t get a freaking balloon with a Mickey Mouse head in it, by the way.

Devin’s Birthday at Disney World from MissBritt on Vimeo.

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