Scientific Proof That You Can’t Help Who You Love

It seems my post about nice guys vs guys you’re actually attracted to has sparked some discussion. The question people are asking now is “can you help who you love?

Ladies and gentleman, I will not bore you with opinions and theories. Lo, no, I know you come here expecting so much more than that. I offer you, instead, a little thing I like to call irrefutable evidence.

Some of my husband’s favorite actresses:

Oh look, a short, spunky blonde with a pointy chin. How odd.

Oh look. Another blonde. How odd.

Oh LOOK. Blonde. Curls. It’s almost like I’ve seen this before…

Some of my favorite male celebrities:

Oh look. A thin, slightly effeminate who is clearly comfortable with his sexuality.

Oh look! A celebrity known for his brawn and raging masculinity! Wait… no… that’s not right…


And not to beleaguer the point, but, uh….


Hi. Have you MET US?

And that, my friends, is a little thing we like to call science.

You’re welcome.

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