Next Year I’m Just Going To Email Them My Wish List

“What do you want for Christmas?”

I hate that question. Hate.

Especially when, like this year, what I really want is money. Money to help cover the cost of plane tickets for four back home to Iowa. Money to cover the unexpected expense of a $500 insurance deductible. Or, maybe, money to finally replace the folding chairs we’re using around our kitchen table.

No one wants to give out money for Christmas.

And so, like I do every year, I’ve given my in-laws a steady stream of bullshit gift ideas because I can’t think of anything else and I hate the idea of making official requests for presents.

I wonder if it would be considered poor manners to just email them the link to an Amazon wish list.

Does anyone besides Avitable send a “buy me this please” list to their family members?

And also?

HI! Buy me stuff! From this link! Because you read me on the Internet!

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