The Things I Forget To Tell You

I have a hard time writing – or even talking – about the little nuances of my day to day life.

No, really.

If you ask me how my day was, I will likely tell you it was “fine”. And if you read my blog on a regular basis, you’re only going to get snippets from my actual life. For the most part, it’s just the highs and lows. The things that make me angry, make me laugh, or block my thoughts to the point that I cannot possibly form another coherent thought until I have fully vetted and fleshed out that particular brain buster.

My life is pretty routine. It’s not typically anything more or less extraordinary than anyone else’s life. In fact, I’d venture to guess it’s probably less exciting than a whole bunch of other daily routines out there based on nothing more than the fact that I have one. A routine, that is.

I simply cannot imagine that anyone would actually be interested in what I did today.

What that means is that this here blog tends to give a picture of my life that more closely resembles the scraps on a cutting room floor than an accurate documentary of my life. The shit that winds up here rarely even makes the highlight reel because this is where I work it all out. This is where I run the drills and practice the principles. This where I run in circles, but rarely do you see the daily race.

Which is why, sometimes, I forget to tell you that Oh, Yeah, Jared and I are fine – why do you ask?

And I never think to mention that I recently plunked down a metric ass ton of cash to fly home for Christmas.

And I completely neglected to tell you about the day my husband drove into my car.


Oh yes. He did. And if you’re thinking it doesn’t look that bad it’s because you’re not trying to open the fucking passenger side door. Which? By the way? No longer fucking opens!

Both panels are banged up to the point that they will need to be replaced. My insurance will happily cover it with the addition of my $500 deductible.

Did I mention I bought plane tickets? For Christmas? That holiday with gift giving that’s coming up soon? How about December 14th? Oh, you don’t know what December 14th is? That would be my son’s birthday, which is coming up just 11 damn days before Christmas.

Yeah. So. Sorry I forgot to tell you that.
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