Will you be going with slutty or skanky this year?

OK. I know. Halloween is about girls wearing slutty costumes. I get it.

But even I was surprised at the new depths the women’s costume selection has been dragged to this year.

Sexy Sponge Bob? Sponge Bob is a boy, first of all. A boy and a cartoon character. For children.

Although, tempting the ass tapping of childhood heroes is apparently all the rage this Halloween.

I’m sorry, but that doesn’t even look like a Care Bear! Am I the only person who remembers that Care Bears look like bears? Short, round, fuzzy little bears.

Then again, maybe I have been watching a different TV then the rest of the world…

…because I don’t seem to remember Wednesday Adams being a whore. In fact, I thought part of her shtick was that whole not maudlin or in any way slutty thing.

Of course, you could make a case that at least these costumes continue to pretend to be about dressing up as some sort of character. Someone is going through the motions of being a Naughty Nurse, or a Slutty Care Bear.

As opposed to…

…this girl. All pretense dropped here. She just walked into the costume shop and said “make me look slutty, I’ve got great tits.”

I can’t help but wonder, what do these women say when they show up at their annual Halloween Parties and they are faced with the inevitable Costume Question?

“What are you supposed to be?”

“Me? Oh, I’m just slutty.”

What are YOU going to be this year?

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