On The Night I Became Part Of “The Media Elite”

The press is not impressed. They are not giddy with anticipation or soaking up their surroundings in big, huge gulps. Maybe you get used to having this kind of access to the world.

But I, well, I am beyond impressed. I am in awe.

I am 50 yards from the podium. With a laptop. And electrical outlets. And chairs and tables and proper lighting and everything a girl could want at a political rally.

Well, everything except free public Wi-Fi.

Officially I am with the media.

I am a citizen journalist looking for a story for The Huffington Post’s Off The Bus.

Actually, I am a political junky who is as close to the system as I’ve ever been in my life. And I am on cloud nine.

I am 50 yards from the podium with a clear view of the stage. A stage that will hold both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in just over two hours. I’m surrounded by photographers and journalists from all over the world. The languages are as varied as the computer equipment and zoom lenses.

Aside from reveling in my enviable vantage point to the stage, I am swollen with pride and patriotism.

This is the Free Press.

This is my Constitutional Right. Our constitutional right. To have open access to the political process based on little more than an honest desire to document it. At a time when the media is constantly berated for it’s bias and lack of objectivity, I am reminded that our access to The Truth is only limited by our willingness to seek it.

We spend a lot of time during the election cycle talking about Them. The Media. The Government. The Powers That Be. We give up our responsibility and personal accountability to our country’s welfare as easily as we hand over our civil liberties after a terrorist attack.

But We are Them. As citizens of a democratic, representative nation, we are each charged with the task of becoming One of Them.

And to those who would suggest that the major mechanisms of change are controlled by elitists and all powerful men on hills with fancy suits and invisible strings, I say – not here.

Not in this election.

Not in this country.

For here sits a 28 year old personal blogger, with a laptop and an inPhone – and a press pass.

This post was written from the media section at the Obama/Clinton Early Vote For Change rally in Kissimmee, Florida while Faiqa and I waited for the event to begin. It hasn’t been edited from its original draft, in part because I didn’t get home until 2am. But also because I need to capture this moment, just exactly how it was for me at that time.

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