I’m sure everyone had an ugly duckling phase, right? RIGHT?!?!

While searching for a picture for Avitable’s Halloween party, I was reminded at just how awkward my childhood was.

My family is filled with beautiful people. My brothers are gorgeous boys – have been since birth. My cousins are tall, thin and effortlessly adorable. I? Was convinced I was adopted. Or dropped.

It starts off innocently enough…


And for a few years, it appeared that I might be able to blend in…


And then I got glasses. By six, the awkwardness was just starting to peek through.


It would only get worse.


I’m Devin’s age in that picture. A lot of things are making sense to me now…

ANYway, dorky ass kid. Horribly dorky kid. The worst of which will likely never see the light of the Internet. Oh yes, there is worse.

And then I went to highschool…


I decided it was very mature and grown up to start dying my hair my freshman year.

By my sophomore year, I had gone back to blond and fallen in love.


My junior year, I discovered the small barreled curling iron and the weanie roll. And while you normal people were just curling your bangs, I was doing a bad impression of Shirley Temple.


By the time my junior prom rolled around, Mr. Love of My Life had become Rotten Cheating Bastard. So I found a cowboy to take me to prom.

I also stopped eating and spent a lot of time listening to John Michael Montgomery on repeat.


Not to worry, I started eating again. Just in time for my senior pictures.


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