If I Use A Witty Title, Are You More Likely To Participate?

Some posts are timeless.

You can stumble across the author’s words years later and still find the information relevant, still feel the emotion as raw as it was the day the words were typed out.

This is not one of those posts.

is one of those posts where I make a few announcements that most of you ignore and then beg you to assist me with something. And a year from now when I revisit this post on accident searching for “stupid shit” in my archives, I will shake my head and wonder “why in the hell did anyone ever keep reading after that?”


I solve the world's problems (and suggest low carb lunch ideas)!

I solve the world’s problems (and suggest low carb lunch ideas)!

Before I ask for your help, I’d like to tell you how you can leave this site and read me some place else. Because – DUH! Makes total sense! I am doling out wisdom and advice over here for my fellow low carb dieters who need to pack a lunch.

Be prepared. It’s a brilliant piece of investigative journalism.

An Internet Radio Show About How Stupid You Are. Basically.

An Internet Radio Show About How Stupid You Are. Basically.

Tonight’s radio show – Clearly, You’re Retarded – will discuss voter requirements. Specifically: should people be required to pass some kind of test in order to vote?

If you’ve never listened to one of the radio shows, you are missing out. On what, I’m not sure. But something. Something for sure. Go here to listen live at 9pm EST Wednesday night or to download past shows.

And finally…





Great. You might have noticed I have a new design on the blog. And as part of the design I have a “Highlighted Posts” page. Problem is, the posts that were highlighted were more pulled out of my ass than highlighted for any legitimate reason.

Could you please tell me:

  1. Which of my posts or video entries made you laugh?
  2. Which of my posts or video entries made you think?
  3. What post do you think was written well?
  4. And finally, when you think about “Miss Britt”, what post comes to mind first?

I am forever in your debt.

I mean, at least until the next time I need something from you.

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