Another boy – with foreskin

SciFiDad is having a baby today!

Well, OK, he isn’t having a baby. His wife is having a C-section today.

This will be their second child, first son, and reading his blog over the last few months has been an interesting walk down the proverbial memory lane. He is terrified. Excited, of course, but also dealing with that unique sense of terror that can only come after you have had one child and know exactly what the hell you’re getting yourself into.

And then there are the doubts that every parent confronts when they stand at the threshold of my daughter/son whose name we use when talking about her/him and THE KIDS.

Will there be enough? Enough time? Enough money? Enough love and affection? Will this second child inevitably be second class because there is just no way you could ever love another human being the way you loved your first? Will you, as parents, be enough?

And yes, of course, there will be. Those of us who have already walked through that door know. We know about the heart’s ability to instantly expand. We know about the time and space continuum that seems to open up and allow you to manage super human levels of multi-tasking. We know that yes, you will be enough.

And we know that there isn’t a damn thing we can tell you that can reassure you until you’ve walked through that door yourself.

Congratulations MTM and SciFiDad, I’m looking forward to seeing the four of you on the other side!
Tonight (Wednesday at 9pm EST) is another chance for you to listen to Clearly, You’re Retarded live!

In honor of SciFiDad’s new baby boy*, we’ll be discussing circumcision. To snip, or not to snip? Visit the Talkshoe show page to schedule a reminder, download past episodes, and listen live tonight in the chatroom.

*OK, not really. I just happen to know he’s keeping his skin. Although I can’t find the post to link to now for the freaking life of me.

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