A 5 Day Hiatus

I have completely overestimated my ability to multi-task this month.

As a result, I’ve had to send that exact sentence out in at least a dozen emails over the last few days.

Sometimes I can juggle fifty projects, priorities and responsibilities all at once and carry it off beautifully. And sometimes I miss a beat and drop a ball and suddenly find I’m standing empty handed while fifty orbs roll away from me in every direction.

Sometimes it’s better to let it all go so that you can start over fresh, slowly, picking up one priority at a time.

I’m letting go so that I can pick up again.

I’ll be back Monday.

Also, there will be no radio show this week because of the Presidential Debates. I’m decided and can TiVo the debates if I was so inclined – but I refuse to distract undecided voters from any opportunity to inform and involve themselves. You can get your fix by listening to past episodes here.

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