Very quickly… how it went

Thank you for the emails and the comments waiting to find out how last night’s Obama event went for me. Here’s the recap:

I didn’t have to phone bank.

You can only call until 8:30 at night, and by the time everyone got there and got introduced and fed, it was pretty close to the cut off. So we watched the debate without phone banking.

I met two campaign staffers there that were amazing. We joked about how the two political science graduates were living my life – especially the blonde Miranda who had left her apartment in Manhattan to work for the campaign. *swoon*

I met one of the men in charge of Voter Protection in this county – a huge responsibility in the State of The Hanging Chad. He poured me several glasses of white wine.

I met the most adorable woman who was hosting the event in her gorgeous home, along with her husband. She was so sweet and seemingly docile – until McCain spoke on TV and then she would mutter “you’re such a piece of shit!” It was hard not to giggle at her.

I also met several people who have been volunteering, some who were new to the idea, and more people who wanted to talk politics. In other words, it was a perfect way for someone like me to spend a Friday night. Because I am a dork.

I’m planning to head down to the campaign office soon, and I’ll be sure to tell you how that goes once I do.

Also? I had peanut butter and crackers for lunch.

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