Defined by Fashion – or something

Dawg’s post this morning reminded that I have a photoshoot coming up.

I’ve always wanted to say that.  Not about Dawg – about the photoshoot.  It just sounds so very Carrie Bradshaw* in my head.

ANYway – a photoshoot.  In New York City.  For the Hot Blogger Calendar.  Which all sounds incredibly cool and chic as long as there is no mention of the fact that I am paying all of my own expenses.  And there are a lot.  Of expenses.

We were told to bring three separate outfits to The Shoot (so cosmo!).  We can wear whatever we want.  Anything that we feel is flattering, makes us look hot, beautiful, sexy, insert vanity based adjective here.

I am completely at a loss.

Do I show up in a ball gown?  A 3 piece suit?  Jeans and a booby shirt?

The only thing I’ve been able to determine thus far is that I will not be wearing a swimsuit. Beyond that, I am totally blank.

I know I made you do all the work yesterday, but.. well.. um… I’m giving you my pretty, pretty help me please smile.

Obviously you don’t have full access to my closet.  But if you’re a reader here, I’m curious what type of outfit you think might “define” me.  Do you see me in a LBD?  The go to Mom Outfit?  HELP ME!!!!!

And guys – that means you too.  Don’t tell me you don’t have a fucking opinion either.  If I wanted to hear that bullshit I’d ask my husband.  Again.

Internetz, dress me!!

*I’m currently obsessing over the Sex and The City box set.  I’ve watched 4 complete seasons thus far in the last week.

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