Winnah! Winnah!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Quit Smoking Giveaway last week.

The suggestions and support have helped more than you know.

I’ve been chewing gum (which I knew about before) and taking celery breaks at work (which I heard about from YOU GUYS!). I have not been drinking near enough water, but I am also still not smoking!

I will never put myself through this again. Ever. I could kick myself for quitting before, only to start back up again later. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?! What kind of a moron drags herself through withdrawals and cravings and survives to tell the tale – AND THEN JUMPS RIGHT BACK INTO THE ADDICTION AGAIN!?!?

Ah well. Can’t unring that bell.

But seriously – never again. Never.

ANYway – we have a wnner!! Congratulations to Finn for winning the $25 SmartyPig Gift Certificate! You’ve been emailed and must now disclose your personal information to me.

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