But My Mom Worries

They say that you shouldn’t post unless you really have something to say.

They say that blogging should not be an obligation.

I think that They must not have mothers. Or at least, not mothers like My mother.

MY mother calls me and says “honey, I’ve noticed you haven’t responded to comments on your blog for the last two days. Are you OK?”

MY mother calls me and says “you didn’t post! You’ve stopped posting on weekends! Britt, that’s just not like you. Are you OK? What’s going on down there?”

My mother, whom I talk to on the phone at least once almost every single day, still uses the state of my blog to gauge my mental health. I’m not sure if that’s a reflection on her or me.

Regardless, I love my mom. And I don’t want her to worry. So…

Hi, Mom! I’m fine. I’m GREAT. It’s 7:00 on Sunday night and I just got home from spending the day at the beach with friends (Deanna and Lee – remember? My Canadian friends? From Thanksgiving?). I’d love to sit down and write a detailed post telling you all about the weekend and my inaugural visit to Costco, but Jared’s at the store getting food for a cook out and I only have a few minutes before we have more friends show up at the door and I still have to clean up the back patio.

But I promise – as soon as I get a chance I will sit down and tell you all about my new camera. And how Deanna almost got us kicked out of an “adult only” pool for being too provocative with some woman. And how it’s been a year since we moved here and oh boy have I learned a lot. And about how I have consumed far too much tequila this weekend.

I blame you, mom, for giving me the tequila gene.

I will tell you all about it. Really.

But for now, just know that I am fine. No, really. I’m fine .

In fact, better than fine.

What about you? How was your weekend? Please, tell me. I’m sure your mother worries too.

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