The part of where I blame Becky. For everything.

When last we left this oh so exciting recap of BrittCon 2008, my traveling compadres and I had just ditched the two real New Yorkers who were willing to play tour guide.

Because that makes perfect sense.

And also? Because someone wanted to go on a bus tour.

If you learn nothing else from me today, learn this: It’s All Becky’s Fault. The end.

Speaking of learning things…



The last three quarters of the tour sucked ass. At least, I tend to take it as a sign of sucking ass when every single person on the bus is falling asleep. By the time we got off the God Forsaken Tour That Would Not End, the only thing any of us wanted to do was go to bed.

Not to complain, but I totally hold Becky responsible for ruining my first night in New York City.

Clearly, she’s a whore.

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