Sunday Sell Out: The Beaches

You thought I was joking about Sundays, didn’t you? Ha! No! Not even a little bit!

Ahem. ANYway…

As a member of MomCentral, I get a few emails a week with various products and companies that I have the option to review. I don’t participate in all of them because, quite frankly, what the heck am I going to do with a free pack of diapers? But when this particular opportunity came across my inbox, I gladly snatched it up.


Um, yeah. Helllllooooo Beach Resort.

Better still? A Beach Resort that actually caters to families.

I’m the first one to sign up for a Girls Getaway with umbrella drinks and cabana boys. And there are few things I love better than to hop on an airplane and head for a horizon I’ve never seen before. Do you know why?

Because you have two small children at home and are desperately trying to escape the hum drum life of a working mom?

Actually, no. Well, OK. Kind of. Yes. But more than that even, it’s because I was given a taste for travel at a very young age. My Nana took me to Italy and Switzerland, my mom took us to Jamaica and Mexico and Florida. My Dad took me to Washington State (thanks for nothing, Dad!) and California and Las Vegas.

Rather than leave me behind with friends and family, my parents loaded my brothers and I up with their luggage and made sure that we got to experience life outside of Iowa. Since becoming a parent myself, I’ve often wondered what the heck was she thinking traveling with three small kids??

Clearly, she was a better woman than me.

Enter: The Beaches All-Inclusive Resort

First, there is simply nothing better than an All-Inclusive resort. Not only does it make budgeting for a family vacation something that is actually manageable, it eliminates the need for the “what do you think I’m made of money?” talk that I often find myself having with the kids at… say… Disney World. And also the food court at the mall.

Of course, there is an ample supply of All-Inclusive Resorts to choose from these days. What makes The Beaches a big deal for someone like me is the fact that it’s NOT geared towards hot sexy singles in a bikini. Or honeymooners. Because nothing spoils a family vacation like newly wedded bliss. Believe me.

The only thing better than a family vacation is a family vacation with Elmo. Oh yeah. Elmo. And self serve ice cream. And treasure hunts. And supervised kids’ camps. And? AND??

Certified. Nannies.

This? Is my kind of vacation.

Of course, there’s the price to consider. Because gas is $4 a gallon, milk costs more than daycare and I know you haven’t sold your house yet. But after taking a look around the site and their “Wonder Fall” promotions, I can see this actually being doable for a lot people. You can reserve a trip for about $200 and start saving towards the $2,000 or so needed for a family of four.

And seriously? $2,000 for a vacation where you don’t come home with Mommy Guilt or 20% more gray hair?

Worth. Every. Penny.

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