Update from Britt

Adam here.

For those of you who don’t follow Britt on Twitter, she and Jared and the kids left this morning to drive the 24-hour drive up to Parkersburg, Iowa, so that they can provide help and moral support to his family and their friends who have lost their homes.

I’ve been talking to her off and and on (mainly on from about 11 tonight for the last couple of hours while she drove and everyone slept), and so I have a very retarded stream of consciousness from her Brittness to relay to you:

  • By this point, they’ve been through 5 states
  • Anybody who doesn’t answer their phone when she calls or doesn’t call when they have her cell phone number is a fucker (west coast people are especially fuckers)
  • Most of their drive has been in the middle of nowhere
  • Britt didn’t wear makeup and didn’t pack any. I think it’s because she wants to blend in with the survivors. Now she’s regretting it, because she’s sure that makeup will be hard to find in the stores near Parkersburg as everybody buys all the supplies they can.
  • Ideally, they’ll be hitting Parkersburg around 8:30 AM CST.
  • Our cell conversation has dropped numerous times, and Britt’s response is “More bars in more fucking places my fucking ass!”
  • At one point, her iPhone froze and she was freaking the fuck out.
  • Speed limits are retarded.
  • She encourages everybody to carpe diem. I told her to carpe my penis.

Once she gets there, she might be able to post, but if not, I’ll put up a post for her, and once she knows how people can contribute supplies or something, she’ll let us know.

She’s also occasionally checking email and is sorry that she hasn’t been able to reply to any of the comments and she really appreciates all of the outpouring of support and offers of assistance from everyone.

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