Parkersburg Tornado Disaster Update

Adam here again.

I haven’t talked to Britt tonight, but I spoke to her a few times during the day and she’s helping her in-laws and friends gather whatever belongings they can find. Sometime soon she’ll be figuring out what supplies will be helpful and I’ll post that info here. For now, though, if you do want to help the people of Parkersburg generally, you can do so here:

Red Cross Hawkeye Chapter

Salvation Army

If you have items or services to donate that might help, you can call the Iowa Concern Hotline at 1-800-447-1985.

Britt also said that it seems like adult clothes of all sizes and genders would be very helpful – the local stores have nothing left. If anyone has any ideas of a good way to collect donated clothing to get to Parkersburg, please leave a comment.

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